FREE 5-day event with Host Jools Sinclair starts
on April 12, 2021

  • 15 Mini-Workshops to help YOU Build and Create your Dream Business! Sessions include topics such as Manifesting the Life you Desire, Reclaiming Past Lives, The Energetics of Money Mindset, Success Secrets of Aligning with your Own Energy, Using Human Design as a Blueprint for Your Business, Tuning into the Energy of Money, Breathwork for Manifesting Your Soul-Aligned Business, How to Connect to Quantum Wealth, Breaking through Resistance, Tapping into your Intuition, and SO MUCH MORE!
  • Life-changing lessons, compelling discussions, and powerful mini-workshops designed to help you tap into all the abundance you deserve.
  • FREE virtual event. This Summit will feature life-changing interviews, activations, meditations, lessons, and creative activities with some of the industry’s leading teachers and coaches.

Special Bonus

Summit includes a LIVE workshop on Day 5: Ignite Your Money Connection with Cosmic SmashBooking!”  with Tia Christiansen who will lead us in a powerful activity

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Jasmine Ivy
Tapping into Your Intuition to Grow Your Business

Josie May
The Energetics Of Money Mindset

Kathleen Cameron
Three Steps to Manifesting the Life you Desire

Lisa Barnett
Soul Guidance to Support Your Life

Pamela Chen
How to Connect to Your Quantum Wealth

Ulrika Sullivan
Success Secret: Align with Your Own Natural Energy!

Jaime Bronstein
Courageous Manifesting: How to Fearlessly and Fiercely Create What You Want in Life

Deborah Epstein
Creating from energy to matter

Adrienne Rivera
Breathwork for Receiving Financial Abundance

Dawn Montefusco
How to Break Through Resistance and Write.

Sarah McCrum
Love Money, Money Loves You

Tia Christiansen
Ignite your money connection with Cosmic SmashBooking

Louise Gale
Dreamboards: Vision Your Life with Words & Images

Gloria Constantin
Human Design as a Blueprint for Your Business

Jools Sinclair
Telling Your Story, Entrepreneur

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